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February 13, 2008

Teehee, Tikiri is tres tres fun. I actually had to get down and draw a turnaround so that Tikiri's stitches wouldn't wander around.

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My butt is tastier than yours.Ramblings of a Demented Soul

Working in the Lab

Hahahaha! Get it? Cause I'm working my butt off on making the website prettier, and it's called Asylum Laboratories? Get it? Nevermind.

Turns out if you go to it will sometimes work! Zany!

There's still full color, and black and white for people who want to advertise, take pictures of said posters in convenient areas, send them to me, and get free sketches! Eh? Ehh?!

...It's worth a try!

Enjoy the comic.

-- The Mad Geneticist

Asylum Laboratories is copywrite((c)) 2006 by Alexandra Reneau. All rights reserved.