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Celeste Darkchance Name: Celeste Darkchance
Gender: Female
Race: Undead Lich
First Appearance: Prologue, Page 1
Celeste is a necromancer who has sacrificed her mortality and her body to attain ridiculous amounts of power. She was born into a very powerful family and rose to become one of the most feared and respected figures of authority. She takes good care of Mourncrow, and does most administrative business from her Tower, situated at the outskirts of the corrupt little town.

This is the first copic markers test for Celeste, sans hat.This was an attempt at a promotional poster. It turned out alright, but I decided against using it.I attempted a card deck long ago, and this was to be one of the cards.Holy wow, this was my art in 2004. It was an original portrait shot for the cast page.yet another super old shot of Celeste, this time as an almost-a-turnaround.Super early version of the header.

Fabulous Fanart:
Me and Zaran thought maybe she could write the scripts for it, and then we regained our sanity and she drew me this wallpaper. Zaran's Song is awesome.So once again Zaran comes to the rescue of our androgynous main character Celeste and decks her out in one SEXY costume.My good friend RavenClaw drew this up for me, and the ever-lovely Chel-chan colored it! I have awesome, awesome friends.Trish-the-Stalker of DeviantArt fame brings us a fantastic Celeste sprite!
       Jeshua Gillepeddi Name: Jeshua Gillepeddi
Gender: Male
Race: Human
First Appearance: Prologue, Page 1
Jeshua is a very spunky little kid who runs around Celeste's tower, generally creating havoc. Although he doesn't remember much about his past, he's willing to make up for lost time. He's a bit naive, but he makes up for it with how much he brightens up the atmosphere whenever he comes into a room. (And considering how much work goes into making those rooms moody, that's no small feat!)

First time Jeshua's ever been in copics! He looks a little wonky.One of the old chapter covers from the preliminary versions of the comic. There's plenty of them to go around, let me assure you!
Kaikura Longshore Name: Kaikura Longshore
Gender: Male
Race: Apparition
First Appearance: Prologue, Page 7
No one really knows about Kaikura's past, or how he died, and it's doubtful that he would ever be willing to share. What we do know is that he made an oath to help Celeste whenever she was in need, and now she's checked in that oath.

Kaikura's first picture in copic markers. I think he looks pretty good! ABS OF STEEL!
Fabulous Fanart:
My good friend Gabby graces Kaikura with an adorable message.
Cogsworth Pennington VI Name: Cogsworth Pennington VI
Gender: Unknown(presumably male)
Race: Steam Golem
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 4
The ever-helpful, always optimistic Cogs is Celeste's faithful companion. He knows the Tower like the back of his huge hand, and is always willing to offer his aid to anyone who would need it. On the rare occasion Celeste leaves the Tower, he takes over stewarding duties of the Tower and of Mourncrow. He takes great pride in being a Pennington in Celeste DarkChance's employ.

Aquorious & Acta  Name: Aquorious and Acta
Gender: Male and Female, respectively
Race: Water nymphs
First Appearance: Prologue, Page 2
These two mischeivious twins can be seen in the northern seas, playing with the surf next to the cliffs that hold the lighthouse. They are old friends of Celeste's, and are easily persuaded.

Chapter One
Felix and Samantha Black Name: Felix Black
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 12
Felix came to Celeste on a dark and stormy night, in hopes that she might save his beloved from certain death. He doesn't seem very influential, but he has no qualms about money.

Name: Samantha Black
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 12
Samantha is Felix's wife, and Holt's first victim upon his entrance of Mourncrow. She is carried from the encounter, heavily wounded and unconscious, to the doorstep of Celeste's Tower.
Holt Name: Holt
Gender: Male
Race: Avian
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 20
Holt first came into town as a lost wanderer. Once he caught wind of the tremendous evil that settled over the town like a blanket, he immediately set to work cleansing the town of its horrible taint---starting with two vampires.

Honestly, of all the copic tests I think Holt's turned out the best.The first turnaround for this character. Terrible costume. I'm glad I went with the all black of the copic sketches I made of Holt in my scriptbook.This is an earlier drawing of Holt, before he was even in the comic, I believe.I was never really happy with the page where Celeste casts the Blight on Holt, so I drew another version of it to appease myself, I guess.Over six years before he first appears in the comic, Holt was born in this sketch. He serves as a friendly reminder to me never to throw out my doodles.
Honestly, I just like drawing Holt wandering around saying stuff.
The King's Sphinx
Name: ?
Gender: Female
Race: Sphinx
First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 40
A smooth-talking sphinx with unfortunate luck, she first appears to Celeste as a delegate from the King.

Chapter 2: Meetings and Machinations
the Mad Geneticist
Name: Dr. Holly Cyanopolis, the Mad Geneticist, or simply, Mad
Gender: Female
Race: Mad Scientists are a breed of their own.
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 3
The Mad Geneticist is indisputably the most brilliant geneticist in the world. Her abominations are world-renowned, and she rules the peculiar institution known as the Asylum Laboratories. Her only fault is that she earns her title as 'Mad'; beyond the realm of eccentric, she is unstable and unreliably helpful. She seems to know Celeste well enough for Celeste to divulge to her dangerous secrets, but it is unclear as to whether or not she intends to keep them to herself.

Name: Shiva
Gender: Female
Race: Spideric
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 3
Shiva is a strange little spider beastie found in one of the Mad Geneticist's archive tubes. Her deep elf heritage makes Kaikura leery of her, but her runty size, shy demeanor, and impotent venom mark her as less of a threat. However, her mad skills in webweaving gives her a good spot in Jeshua's book.

I drew this in class at one point when I was supposed to be taking notes, so forgive me my college-rule lines.  I just like the friendly dynamic between these two.
    Tikiri Name: Tikiri
Gender: Unknown (presumably male)
Race: Flesh Golem
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 5
Tikiri is the Mad Geneticist's faithful assistant and caretaker of the Asylum Laboratories. Always happy to help, his needly fingers take care of whatever Mad asks of him.

This turnaround was to figure out where Tikiri's stitches were so they wouldn't move around every panel, even though he is only featured in a couple of pages.

Mr. V and Mr. B Name: Mr. V
Gender: Male
Race: Vulture-Scalped
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 21
Mr.V is an exiled Scalper with the scalp and appetite of a vulture. He has misconceptions of the extent of his charisma and good looks, and fantasizes being a grand leader, despite being at the mercy of his 'gaardstik' to direct him where to go.

Name: Mr. B
Gender: Male
Race: Paper Bag-Scalped
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 22
Mr. B is the faithful companion of Mr. V, being an exiled Scalper himself. He had the strange fortune to choose a discarded paper bag as a scalp. An amiable and optimistic sort of fellow, he does his best to oblige Mr. V.

This is one of the opening sketches in my brand-new sketchbook. I really just wanted to show that the screw-end of the 'gaardstik' was for planting in the ground.I was doing a turnaround for Mr. B to solidify his character design, but I only ended up drawing the front completely because the pose was a bit harder to map out than I was able to achieve at the time.

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